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Asda Supermarket Group launch “Transparent” live webcams for behind the scenes live views

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Britain’s second-biggest supermarket, Asda, has just recently launched a number of `behind the scenes` live webcams to show UK Asda shoppers that Asda is a very `transparent` supermarket store.


Now Asda shoppers, can enjoy a live webcam view in a milking parlour Barony College farm in Lockerbie, Scotland.  Asda marketing gurus have named this inovative `transparent` webcam the `Cow cam`  Let’s hope the Asda marketing gurus don’t start invading the privacy of a maternity ward somewhere in the UK.  I’m sure that the mothers in a maternity ward will have more privacy rights than the poor cows attending the milking parlour on the Barony College farm in Lockerbie, Scotland    View the Cow cam - HERE


Another new Asda `behing the scenes` webcam is the carrot web cam. Don’t worry, it’s not a live cam overlooking a carrot growing in a field on a farm somewhere in the UK.  Shame, as it might have been as popular as the `watch paint dry` webcam which has been boring webcam visitors now for a number of years.  Enjoy watching the carrots get washed and cleaned in a carrot processing warehouse at a location near to Selby in North Yorkshire, England. View the ASDA carrot web cam - HERE

The third Asda new webcam is located at their Head Office in Leeds, Yorkshire, England.  This live Asda cam show’s what’s going on in the atrium at Asda House in Leeds. Before you think it, apparently quite alot happens in the Asda Head Office.  And NO, you won’t see Asda workers and staff getting their p45′s when being re-called to Head Office.  This web cam overlooks an area where Asda hold sample tastings and product reviews.  Asda staff are marched down infront of this Asda webcam at lunch times to be the guinea pigs for new products that they’re about to launch the the UK shoppers at their Asda Supermarkets. At least the Asda staff at Head Office don’t need to spend a penny for their lunches.  Just a BIG shame that an Asda shop greeter isn’t performing infront of this Head Office cam.  Mind you, the static webcams, updating every few seconds, don’t have any audio. We wouldn’t be able to hear the Asda Greeter `welcoming us to Asda’s` by listening on our computers   View the Asda Head Office web cameraHERE

Well done to Asda for trying to show some transparency.  Can’t wait for the launch of their new webcams in a clothes factory in the Far East.  Or why don’t the marketing gurus launch a new Hen cam in one of their Battery Chicken sheds!!!  Then we’ll really give a BIG THUMBS up to the transparency that Asda are really showing to their UK Asda shoppers and the General UK Public