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The banking crisis may have spelt an end to the housing boom, but a new real estate gold rush has just begun with the launch of, a unique new web site where bargains can be had and good regular profits made.

You may not be able to get a mortgage for a property in the current economic climate, but on you can buy a street – albeit a virtual one – for as little as £4.99 – an ideal novelty gift for family and friends.
Where the NASDAQ trades shares, trades virtual street deeds in a user-friendly environment that provides all the information and tools required to help young and experienced traders alike to get acquainted with the concept and functionality of virtual street deed trading as well as having lots of fun in the process.

New Internet Gold Rush website -

Streets on are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis and any street deed is only ever sold to one person but can then be traded to other members for a profit. With over 1.9 million street deeds available there are plenty to choose from, but the founders of the site recommend buying now before it is too late. “People that don’t buy now will be disappointed later just as those who missed out on snapping up the choice domain names on the internet for a bargain in the early days and sold them for a tidy profit later,” says Charlie Littlejohn, managing director,
“Purchasing a UK virtual street deed on Streetdaq will provide you with lots of fun as well as an astounding return on investment, but do not take our word for it,” says Littlejohn. “Check the website and other reviews of the site to find that Streetdaq is going to be the next big thing online.”

Using the new site businesses can buy the street they are located in, and individuals can buy their favourite street, or gift one to someone else. Alex Kilgour, one of the first to buy some streets on and who is already a big fan of the site, said: “I’ve snapped up the opportunity to buy the famous Liverpool football street of Anfield Road, home to Liverpool FC in the heart of the city of Liverpool. I bought it for just £4.99 and I was offered £50.00 for it just a few days later. That’s a 1000 per cent profit, if I choose to sell it. That’s a much better ROI than the current American Liverpool FC owners have made by purchasing the famous Liverpool Football Club. Maybe I should forget owning the `virtual` Anfield Street and do a `real` takeover for the sake of Liverpool fans around the globe!”.

As well as potentially making a good profit when you sell a street deed on Streetdaq you can also generate a good monthly income while you own it. One way is by forwarding the URL of your deed to friends and family via email and social sites like Bebo, Facebook,MySpace and Twitter. If one of them buys a new street on Streetdaq via your referrer link within 24 hours you automatically receive £1 paid into your Paypal account for every street deed that they buy.
You will also receive £1 to your PayPal account if your new street is on the home page of Steetdaq and a visitor lands on it, or on your street page directly via a search engine, and then buys a new street on Streetdaq within the 24 hours of visiting

Further revenue can be obtained on Streetdaq by selling advertising space. Each virtual street has five small contextual advertising or sponsorship spaces. This means that when your virtual street has lots of traffic it will be very attractive to local advertisers or sponsors who can submit a request to advertise on one of the five advertising spaces.

As soon as you have purchased your Streetdaq virtual street deed, you can start adding content to your virtual street deed blog community. The Anfield Road blog, for example, can be viewed here. This might not sound much, but content is king when it comes to websites. The more information, pictures and videos you add on your blog, the more visitors you will attract and thus increase the value of your street.


Top 5 funniest street names in the UK


A search on the Streetdaq 1.9 million street name database throws up some surprising, funny and extremely unusual street names in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. The current Top 5 funny street names found on the Streetdaq database are – Sluts Hole Lane, Pratt Street, Cock Lane, Fanny Street, and Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate Street.

For more detailed info about the new Internet Gold Rush website where YOU can make easy money online – visit the Streetdaq - HERE

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